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Our 46+ years experience in the industry provides strong infrastructure and knowledge base to monitor market trends & introduce new innovative products.

1970 - THE FOUNDING! Evangelos and Olga Neophytou leave their current job and decide to see how lucky they are in the snack trading industry until 1974 that they were forced to leave their house during the war and become refugees.
1974 - THE BEGINNING OF SERANO DREAM! With the little experience that Evangelos had from the trading industry by working as a salesman, he creates his own brand, SERANO. And the beginning of the dream has started!
1976 - THE FIRST STEP! Serano rented its first grounds in Nicosia and hired its first three employees. The family was able to invest on new machinery, allowing them to work on a larger scale and experiment with different types of nuts and other related products.
1982 - GLOBAL NETWORKING! Evangelos makes his first business trip aiming to find the best suppliers and best quality raw materials from all over the world. This is how a new road has been opened and a new beginning of Serano’s global networking has started.
1988 - THE GROWTH! Serano with significant momentum, achieved important market shares and has started its establishment in the local snack industry.
1996 - THE NEW BLOOD! All family members of the second generation had joined the company, Mary Neophytou (current Logistic - HR Director), Giannos Neophytou – (Current Commercial Director) and Antonis Neophytou – (current CEO), bringing new innovative ideas and skills, developing a new dynamic in the company.
2004 - MARKET LEADER! With over 70 employees, Serano managed to become established in the local market as the leading brand in nuts and dried fruit industry, holding over 65% of the market.
2012 - THE HEADQUARTERS! The company finally moved in its new premises (10,000 sqm production facility), in Nicosia, taking on board over 110 employees and having over 40 years of success in its back.
2020 - LOOKING FORWARD! Living the Dream Today Serano holds the leadership in the local market and export in more than 20 countries in EU, UK, Southern Africa, MENA region and soon expanding to China & North America.