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46+ years of experience in the snack industry make us to be able to source, directly from the field, the best raw materials from all over the world, giving us the opportunity to offer the most competitive prices.


Advances Shipping Notification (ASN), created by a seller order, serves as the basis for unloading raw materials, sampling, palletizing to standard pallet sizes and labeling pallets for proper preparation of the goods before transporting to the appropriate storage area.

Raw Materials: A high dam (13 m), where the temperature and humidity are controlled in a refrigerator can accommodate over 1200 pallets, which get controlled on pallet trucks in a complete RF environment that allows paperless operations.

Final products: A temperature-controlled environment that can accommodate over 800 pallet spaces. Four (4) different storage systems allow for the perfect movement of the finished products, from production to the shelves. Storing, refueling and picking are all operated by the system, which is supported by barcoding and RF scanners.


To ensure the best quality for our final products, we have established a leading manufacturing processing line, with the state-of-the-art equipment of the industry. Our newly builted facilities are considered one of our most important competitive advantages, adding value to our product chain.

The factory boasts an 10000 sqm. production facility, certified with BRC for Food Safety-v8, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2015 and Kosher.


The success is a result of our qualified personnel and their absolute dedication, playing an important role in sustainable management, from sourcing raw materials to the production of the final products and finally the delivery to the end customers.

With over 2500+ retail points, 50+ sales specialists and 40+ vehicles Serano is the sales’ leader of the supplying chain all over the island.


SERANO is the main exported brand of the company, with presence in more than 25 countries in the EU, UK, Southern Africa, MENA region and soon expanding to China & North America.