E. Neophytou Trading Ltd launches new website

18 February 2015

The new corporate website formally introduces the full range of its products and its brand - Serano - to the Internet by providing information about the company’s products as well as its manufacturing and distribution processes.  According to Mr. Evangelos Neophytou, CEO of E. Neophytou Trading Ltd, “The launch of this website is an integral part of the company's marketing effort to highlight the company behind the products that are becoming increasingly popular around the world."

The new website brings information to the public about the company as well as its full range of products.  Using an intuitive navigation, enhanced with the Serano brand yellow and blue colors, it provides a wide range of information to website visitors.  

Company section
It was essential for us to let our customers know about how E. Neophytou Trading Ltd started in 1974. We would like also to inform our partners about our manufacturing and packaging facilities, introduce our state of the art factory in Nicosia, and realize our dominant power in logistics and distribution in Cyprus.

Products section
We also wanted to give the opportunity to our customers to learn more detailed information about the whole range of our product in terms of packaging, effectiveness, nutrition and logistics. Although our customers will also have the opportunity to download our company’s corporate catalogue if it’s needed.

Media section
Videos and photos from previous and current marketing campaigns or events will be available, giving a more clear idea to our partners about our marketing philosophy.

Education section
The new Serano website is not just a corporate website but also has an educational character the will inform the general public through the different social media channels of the company about various research made all over the world and how each nut or dried fruit is essential in every diet.

Recipes section
Furthermore, our website will include a recipes section that will be constantly enriched so that our consumers will have the fluency to get ideas on how to use nuts and dried fruits in their diet on a daily basis.

The website was developed by Global Reach (Cyprus) Ltd, one of the leading web development and design companies in Cyprus.