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Raw Red Skin Peanuts

Our top-quality raw peanuts, straight from shell, still maintain their beautiful red skin. Rich in folic acid (Vitamin B9), magnesium (Mg), potassium (K) and “good” fats (monounsaturated MUFA) constitute a healthy choice either for snackin or as an ingredient in various recipes. They have several antioxidant properties thanks to their content of selenium and resveraterol. Peanuts are one of the best sources of protein in the nut family creating one of the best alternatives for people who avoids animal protein.

Energy (kcal)
2372kJ / 567kcal
Fat (g)
49,2g of which saturates 6,3g
Carbohydrate (g)
16,1g of which sugars 4,7g
Fibre (g)
Protein (g)
Salt (g)
Potassium (mg)

Ingredients: peanut kernels. May contain traces of tree nuts, gluten, sulphur dioxide, soy, sesame, milk.