Inbound - Goods Receipt

  • An Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN), created from a Purchase Order to vendor, triggers the inbound process.
  • A scheduled Inbound Delivery creates the basis for the unloading of the Raw Materials, the sampling, the palletisation into standard pallet sizes and the labelling of the pallets.
  • Preparation of the goods for transfer to the appropriate warehouse section for storage

In house – warehousing

  • Raw materials: A high bay (13m high) temperature and humidity controlled refrigerated area can accommodate more than 1200 pallets, operated by Reach trucks in a fully RF covered environment which enables the paperless operation.
  • Finished goods: An ambient- temperature controlled area can accommodate more than 800 pallet-places. Four different storage systems (Push back, Pallet flow, Carton flow and Back to Back racks) enable the flawless movement of finished products from production to the racks. Putaway, replenishment and picking are all system driven operations supported by barcoding and RF scanners.
  • A scheduled cycle counting process is in place in order to secure the freshness of the product and that FEFO (first-expire-first-out) method is applied.

Outbound - execution and delivery

Order execution and delivery to more than 3000 delivery points all over Cyprus:

  • Logistics operations support both the ex-van sales and the pre-sales. A daily schedule for the van loading is optimized by the WMS / SAP R3.