The Quality of nuts starts from the fields

The selection of the best raw materials is of paramount importance to the quality result of finished goods. The long-term cooperation with the suppliers and farmers ensures the procurement of the best quality raw materials which always pass through a strict quality control before entering into our temperature controlled warehouses.


Laboratory tests

From the reception of the raw materials until the final delivery to the customers the company conducts a number of microbiological and chemical tests in either in-house or to an external accredited laboratory. Serano is aiming to ensure that the highest food safety and quality standards are met. This includes taking samples from both raw materials upon arrival, as well as, finished products and maintaining detailed records of the results during different stages of the manufacturing process. Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, Preservatives and Salmonella analyses are conducted regularly to each incoming lot of raw materials. Other analyses are conducted to ensure food safety, such as Yeast and Molds, heavy metals, pesticide residues, antibiotics, HMF analysis, Benzoic acid, Clostridia pefrigens, etc


To ensure the best quality result in all the finished products, the company established a state-of-the-art processing line with the latest equipment in the industry. The newly constructed facilities (April 2012) are Serano's competitive advantage by adding value to the value chain of the products.

The production process starts with the detailed weekly production schedule. The vast majority of the products is processed on a weekly basis to ensure freshness and quality. A sophisticated forecast and demand management system is in place to assist the scheduling of the production orders. The raw materials are picked from the raw material warehouse and are prepared in the designated area before entering the production line.

After the semi-finished products are processed in bulk they are forwarded to the packing machines where a variety of packages is produced, so the company ranks in a dominating place in the market. Flexibility in design, diversification in the package forms and a private label model for fully customized products, guarantees that the finished products cover even the most demanding consumer needs.


Quality Assurance Certificates

Through all the processing, from Raw Materials to Finished Products, the batch management records every movement and therefore traceability is made easy via the information system.

The company is verified with the quality assurance certificates HACCP , ISO 9001,ISO 22000 and BRC Food.